All you need to know about Showbox

For the last few years Showbox app download numbers really scrapped the skies and made it hottest topic to talk about for movie lovers. In fact, it become even more popular than most Movies Apps out there including old and biggest ones such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and others.

Why would a new released app like Showbox become so popular wordwide without it having a lot of money spent on advertising? Let's try to answer that hard question...

First of all, you need to know that Showbox works entirely different way than any other Movies apps mentioned above - actually it is in a different category. Unlike Netflix or Hulu, Showbox is 100% free to use app, there is not any subscription plans, one-time payment or limitations on free tier.
In other words, Showbox is all the way free service that let’s you to watch any movie anytime you wish, as much you want to!

For giving you all the freedom for free, Showbox has gained an unfair advantage over other paid apps that offers similar but actually more limited services for monthly subscriptions. The all free policy of Showbox is the major reason behind its popularity, but that’s not all.

Showbox is also popular because unlike other Free Movie Apps which were created after the success of Showbox, the first and original Showbox app does have its own infrastructure and servers that lets it to be way faster than its competitors while keeping bugs and errors to a minimum level.

One thing every Showbox user should know is about its usage policy. While Showbox offers everything for free, they don’t have license and rights for most of content they offer, so its usage might be illegal depending on your country and regional law. While some countries have strict law about copyright of online materials, some countries does not even have policy about usage of copyrighted materials, so its your best bet to review your country’s law and terms.

Showbox is not only for streaming movies online like Kodi or similar apps, it also allows its users to download full movies or serials, including any movie that was aired on TV or cinema.

Showbox official app is available only for Android, however you can use it on Windows or Mac PCs too with the help of emulation software.

I hope this article has helped you to understand why Showbox app is so widely used, why so much people love it and what can be risks or results of its usage. Will you use it or not? The choice is yours!